What can I do about customers that don’t confirm

So because of annoying customers, I have about $200 stuck. Which I need to continue my buying and selling.

These people have even redeemed the code but have not redeemed, please help me out with this. What can be done about this?


I mean they have redeemed the code but haven’t confirmed transactions. They leave it for 3 days

Uff…i sell in my country and i have to wait 7 days, find another way i guess

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just to let’s u know @exyfying there is nothing u can do and if u try to force people to complete even after sending the key u will end up gotten your self banned, best thing pet massage blow the key asking people to complete after redeeming if they do it’s cool if they don’t u will have to wait as i run big store here and most time i got 200-400$ in 3 days wait because most take the key in less than 5 min and them let’s u wait for 3 days.

wow so Gameflip doesn’t give a damn about sellers. Charge us 10%. I run out of all the subs in few days. Us big stores earn gameflip a big amount of money, n still they ban us in seconds for slightest mistakes.

Real mature of gameflip

Just have to enforce it in your items description and put further context that you will also block them from purchasing from you in the future if they don’t comply. Nothing more you can do beyond that. This whole argument though between who has more favor the Seller or the Buyer has been brought up many times before. Just know bottom line the system is the way it is because of scammers on both sides. Never ending it seems. So blame them not GameFlip. If you have a better system in mind let them know. Finding equal ground isn’t as easy as 123. It is what it is. Personally I think GameFlip is still the best places to Buy/Sell Digital Items on the web. Also GameFlip gives a lot of warnings and lets ALOT slide in giving second chances. Personally If I was in their shoes I doubt I’d do the same.

I definitely feel your pain man. I have about 5 code orders that either the buyer is under review OR they get the code and stop responding and never complete the transaction. They have implemented a new rating system, so they should also implement a penalty that stops buyers from making future purchases if they fail to complete a transaction. No reason a person selling Codes should have to wait 3 days for payment even tho the buyer has gotten his stuff and used the code without issue. 3 days gives a person enough time to come up with a plan to scam their money back tbh, seen it happen before. Wait till the last hour before auto complete to open a dispute. I like Gameflip BUT their needs to be something done about this issue

That’s a fair point.

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Or at least make the buyer rate timer the same as the seller’s delivery timer.

• Meaning: item sold on 1 day delivery, buyer should have to complete transaction within the same 1 day delivery time frame…

Why do buyers automatically get 3 days if the sellers sends in 1… just a thought…

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@MajorTom some light on THC_Mod.Shop’s suggestion

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I’ll make a separate thread and we can try somehow push for some changes. Because this is absolutely ridiculous that buyers redeem codes, and leave 100s and 1000s on hold.

Now I am up to $500 stuck cuz of stupid people who have redeemed but dont have decency to confirm. Want their codes asap, but do such nonsense tbh.

I have hardly $300 left, I can not keep adding funds from PayPal.

Here’s a link in support of sellers.

please take a moment n go check it out n support it! Tag mods. Thank you.

i do always send this massage after we send the key and most like 7/10 do complete

the key is sent and we thank u for choosing our store, after u redeem the key u can complete this transaction when ever its possible as auto complete takes time and u can rate us, have a great day and enjoy your game.
and here is copy for the key in the chat>