Common for sellers to give redeemed codes and gameflip to just not care?

Hey guys,

So unfortunately I’m new to Gameflip. I bought a play station card through an account named Gold Bar but hadn’t yet received my playstation so I waited a while before using it to try and buy a game.

When I tried to redeem it it said it was used.

When I reached out to gameflip they said I waited too long so the transaction automatically went through.

Now here I am, I can’t rate the seller because apparently that automatically happens without my say as well, I can’t message the seller because there’s no message button on their page, I can’t comment on one of the sellers products because I need a feedback score of 5 (AKA gameflip wants you to get scammed 4 more times before you can let others know you got scammed the first time), and gameflip just doesn’t care.

How does this make any sense?

Is gameflip just one big breeding ground for scammers who may have legit cards but know every once in a while a buyer might not be able to check out their product in time and so once that time passes they’ll redeem their own card and know that theres absolutely nothing, not even a bad rating, that can stop them?

I’ve been reading and it seems like gameflip really protects sellers at the expense of buyers.

You have 3 days after receiving the item to check whether it works or not. If you opened the purchase page it would have shown a countdown, which when still active you could have opened a dispute and if resolved get a refund.

If you want a forum moderator to help then post your invite code and the Order ID.

As a new buyer if you’re unsure, please read the buyer guide.

Yes I get it, I have three days to before the system automatically purchases the card for me and then gives the scammer a good rating and etc.

But if you miss those three days the fact that this system thoroughly screws you is NOT okay!

The fact that I cannot even get in touch with the seller is INSANE. (b/c I don’t have a feedback score of 5 which just means I haven’t purchased enough things on their website)

Its all to protect scammers who redeem their own cards after the 3 day count down has run out.

thats BS.

Same exact thing happened to me, except the seller manipulated me into waiting a few days, check my recent thread. Gameflip is a absolute joke!