Just a friendly advice from an almost 4 years GF user

Hi, my GF nickname is HiroX, and im an active buyer/seller (mostly buyer) on Gameflip for almost 4 years now.
I feel compelling on writing this post as a frendly advise to those who are new to this site or those who are active members like myself, due to recent problems that i had over the last few months.
First of all, a buy a lot, between 2,500-5,000 USD every month, so im no strange to issues with some sellers, that unfortunetly are shielded by an awful 3 days policy Gameflip gives to check, use and complete a purchase.
One of the most worriyng things i have noticed over the years is that SELLERS RATINGS means absolutly nothing, the problems that i have had this few months are all sellers with almost perfect scores (98%-99,99%), so you must check and double check before you trust your money to someone.
The bad thing about the 3 days policy, we sometimes do not use the codes right away, and many times, you check the code first and it seems all good, but then you try to redeem it on the fourth day for example, one day after the purchase was automatically completed, and you realize it is already redeemed or is it unredeemable (chargeback, stolen CC, seller used the code or resold it). This problem is the most common, and if this happens to you, you can kiss your money goodbye, gameflip does nothing to help you.
To make this short, i will list you just a few advices from my experience here on GF:

-My Amazon account got banned FOREVER because of a gift card bought here (then the seller blocked me), amazon will ban your account sooner or later if you redeem 3rd partys gift cards, just buy them from authorized sellers, all digital amazon gift cards bought on sites like this one are prohibited and at any given time you will LOOSE YOUR MONEY and amazon account, that is a fact.

-If it is too cheap to be true, dont buy it, i have had games and balance revoked, money lost.

-Seller rating means nothing, read the negative ratings, not the good ones.

-Try to buy from sellers who have been a long time here. Those are the most trust worthy in my opinion, and if you have a problem, it is more likely to have a solution from them.

-Sooner or later you WILL have a problem with a purchase, they are many scammers in here, be extra careful to whom you give your money.

Gameflip should give a look to the 3 days policy, maybe you should give more time to users who buy a lot or have been here for a long time, many scammers sellers check after the 3 days if the code they sold is used, and if it is not, they use it or resell it, and it is a win win situation for them, because there is no way we can get our money back.
Also you should give the possibility of contacting the seller or buyer directly after the 3 days, or at any time really, it is important to be able to contact them for questions or issues regarding their codes, as other sites do.
Unfortunately, they are many scammer buyers too, but it is easier to spot a scammer buyer than a seller.
Be safe, and take care of your money, specially in times like this.
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thank you for this article
one point i would like to makeis regarding seller ratings.
i believe if the buyers can rate the sellers even if the sale does not end up completing that would make a big difference in seeing a more real picture.
i personally know of some sellers who have a very good rating and when i bought from them they completely ignore me and i have to cancel it after the time has expired.
if buyers can rate the sellers even in situations similar to these when the order ends up being cancelled will give us a more clearer picture of who we are dealing with.

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as big seller here i can say something i don’t agree with u asking for gameflip to gave people more time than 3 days as this timer is already to long and takes time as i do notice up to 60%+ of people who buy from me leave it for automatic rate even tho they did redeem there keys and if u buy from the right stores u keys will still be working along time after that 3 day as i do sell some keys for people who resell them as they may take days-months tp sell them and the keys always working for them.

Hello @Hirox,

We work continuously to make the Gameflip marketplace a safe place for everyone.

That is why we have a system to request verification in order to sell, request verification when a discrepancy on a purchase is found and the hold on sold items, just to make sure that we are safe from scammers and that we are able to provide further assistance for buyers and sellers.

As stated in the Gameflip Help Center, the listing will Auto Complete in 3 days. If that rule was there before you bought the item, then why are you going to test the code in 4 days? If you test the code in those 3 days, you have enough time to open a dispute and even escale the dispute to the Support Team (Gaining more time) to get your issue resolved.

Also, have you opened disputes/tickets regarding these sellers that you had problems with? If you do, please inform me so we can try and get your issues resolved.

When we receive reports/tickets and disputes, we do our absolute best to analyse the issue, get it resolved and make sure it will not happen again, which usually leads to the suspension of the scammer’s account. Now we are not able to help if the issue is not reported.

Please provide me your recent issues and I will try to help the best I can.

God Speed! :trident:


“This problem is the most common, and if this happens to you, you can kiss your money goodbye, gameflip does nothing to help you.”

I’ve lost count of how many times we were able to refund or help a user after the purchase was complete, since the user was able to send us solid evidence about his or her issue.

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@MajorTom Ticket 555674, unredeemable code bought on March 9, still no replacement, credit, refund, nothing, only because i opened a ticket past the 3 days. Hard evidence.
And i quote the response from support:
" As said, As stated in our instructions, Guidelines, and FAQ, clicking “Complete Transaction” finalizes the sale and transfers the funds to the seller which makes refunding you directly from the seller not possible "
The complete transaction was made automaticaly.


Are you able to DM me a full-screen, uncropped screenshot of that error message and your code redemption history?

For your future purchase, and to avoid any other issue, please redeem the code within the transaction timeframe. This way you can open a dispute regarding it and we can further investigate.


I remember when i bought a game and was revoked after a month of completed purchase. I sent to gameflip a few screenshots of history of my steam and i received money back.

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It is kind of like the wild west buying gift codes lol. I tried again recently as some guy was advertising on these forums how reliable he was and it would save me cash out fees. Ended up getting a used code. His reason was, “It;s just my dumb cousin that posted for sale a set of gift cards we used ourselves. I’m the most trusted amazon gc seller on gameflip” The system doesn’t even allow for me to leave a negative or neutral rating leaving him at least appearing to be very trusted.

I think the best way to save people money is to write the name of the seller, I always check the scam problems from users on the forum but few of them actually put the name of the seller.

Thank you for this info. I’ve been scammed walmart gc’s 4x since Jan. I thought it was mostly hackers that were stealing them but since you mention sellers, which I did find out that one seller stole my gc, now I’m beginning to think that most, if not all of them did, bco if it were a hacker, they would’ve been able to charge my debit card, paypal, or google pay accts which has never happened. The last stolen wlmrt gc was $75 I bought from GameStore. I read the neg fdbk from 5 others in 30dys and the same happned to another buyer. I bought a $35 BB gc just a few days before from GameStore and it’s still good. Now I’m wondering if this seller “occasionally” steals/resells higher priced gc’s, you know, just seldom enough as to not make them look too suspicious. There is one seller I’ve bought most of my wlmrt gc’s from and I’ve yet to have any issues with her gc’s. I think I’ll just stay with her but since the pandemic, she rarely has anything for sale now. Oh, and I’ve only been a member since oct 2019 and have no feedback from sellers, I think that makes me a prime target for a seller to scam me. FYI, I now let it automatic complete, bcoz the gc’s are stolen within 1 hour to 1 day(mostly within an hour or 2) for me and GF has ALWAYS ruled in my favor so BEWARE SELLERS, it’s very easy to get PROOF for stolen walmart gc’s. All you have to do is add the code to your walmart acct and later when it shows the card has been used, it will show the store#/town and State the card was used.

Sent you the screenshots on the same DM i have been talking over a month ago. Thank you.

@MajorTom new problem, orden e6b2e210-3e0c-4dcc-bd1b-aca1ee11b4fc, invalid code, just escalated. Help me now please, im tired of this scammers.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight Help please. Thank you.

Thanks for the info,I just joined tonight and don’t know all there is here yet but will be cautious with my buying and selling

Hello Hirox,

By looking at your transaction, I can see the support team is still working on it, but I’ll add any additional information that I find here, just as before.