Amazon account banned after loading GC from Gameflip. No response from Support for 3 weeks...

I have bought Amazon and other GCs from Gameflip for years. Most of them went through without a hitch. However, my latest purchase of a $500 GC from seller Lidy is making me rethink doing future business with Gameflip.

Within 2 minutes of loading the GC, my Amazon account went on hold. I hadn’t even had a chance to place an order with it. And this is not a new account, as I have placed orders with CC with it before and they shipped without issue. I uploaded the GC “receipt” from the seller (showing that it was bought with cash from Winn-Dixie supposedly) to Amazon as they requested. But they emailed back saying it’s not sufficient and my account would remain on hold. So I called them, but of course their phone support is useless when it comes to this type of issues. They told me that I could only resolve this by following the email instruction, which is to upload the documentation about payment method. So I did that one more time.

A day later, I got another email saying the account will remain on hold. It says “We took this action because either the Amazon gift card or the Amazon gift card balance that you are using is in violation of our "Terms and Conditions”. At this point, I no longer have a way to upload more documentation, so I am in effect stuck in a loop. However, it’s definitely without a doubt that they found something fishy with the GC.

I opened a case with Gameflip support (case #867317) 23 days ago on 8/10 and provided all the documentations. But as of now, I still haven’t heard an update or decision, despite repeated follow-up attempts. I am worried now because I paid $422 for less than nothing. Could @DarkKnight, @MajorTom or someone please help me out? Thanks in advance!

Hello @Shop1!

I have verified your ticket and can see that a Support Team member is already assigned to your case.

They will verify your issue as soon as possible ok.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Godspeed! :trident:

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Thanks @DarkKnight for whatever you did. They finally responded and canceled the order for me. My faith in Gameflip protecting buyers is restored!

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