Help with Amazon GC purchase case

I bought an Amazon GC from seller @Константин Березовик on 5/26. It was a strange one where they sold me a Prime membership that could be converted into GC. So all I got is a link to convert. I did that and it worked, so I closed the sale. However, 4 days later, I noticed that the money was gone without a trace. It’s like the GC never got added. So I tried the link again, but it said " Oops. Looks like this gift has already been redeemed.". Amazon Customer Service was no help - they said I needed to provide the GC number, which I can no longer get…

I opened a case with Gameflip support on 5/30. Unfortunately I still haven’t heard back. Can any mod (@DarkKnight perhaps) help me out? The case number is 684897.

I am a “VIP” member having bought a lot of stuff from Gameflip. This is the 2nd time that I got scammed. Hopefully GF can get my money back like the last time.

Thanks in advance!

Gameflip came through and saved the day once again - minutes after posting this, I got a response back on my case saying that GF cancelled the sale and credited my account. Thank you Gameflip, for protecting your buyers!

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Hello @Shop1,

I’m glad that your issue was solved.

Usually, these cases take some time to investigate, but the Support Team will always answer asap.

Hope you have an awesome day! :wink:

God Speed! :trident: