Bought an Amazon GC and possibly got scammed...

Bought a few (3) GCs from the same seller and redeemed them while using Teamshare. All went off without a hitch and were rated as good. Next day two of them are on hold and the third isn’t on my account. I called CS and they said that the third had been redeemed to another account. Seller says he no longer has the video of me redeeming them and can’t help me. I’m a bit at a loss here and out $180.

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Hey Dr_Llamaface,

Sorry to hear about this :frowning:

Could you please provide me your invite code and the order numbers?

God Speed! :trident:

Thank you so much for the help! My code is: QXW88G and the order number is: abd10cfe-aff6-4893-877d-a5728b0a9ed5
Guy seems legit, I just seemed to get screwed somehow.

moderators… I think You may need to suspend amazon codes… I have had a problem like that… it is a trick that sellers do…