One more scamming seller request code chargeback after rating

I have more trust in this seller than others as his account is verified. However, I was wrong

In another listing, when I mentioned about this, he ignored me instead of answering me quickly as he used to. Perhaps he knows that I already figure out something is off

4 codes were put on hold after 12 hours of redemption

Hopefully, admin can do something asap.

I already opened a ticket on the site + PM. I make a post to let other people know another big scammer

Order ID:

My code: C59S5X

Edit: IMO, Amazon gift codes should be put in a restricted category

Please DO NOT let “smithliving” cash out, he did the same chargeback scam on me. Initially everything looked good, both codes went through for the right amount. Naturally I rated him because they were working codes… or so I thought. However about 20 hours later when I go to buy something from Amazon I learned that those two codes I just bought have been revoked from my Amazon account. Please do not let scammers get away with this!!!

My invite code : HJ3VQY


3 codes were unlocked by Amazon, 1 is still pending. I’m not sure what happened :confused:

Update again:
One of the gift card was held back again by Amazon. A few hours later, one more gift card was put on hold.

In the end, my account is OFFICIALLY CLOSED! I can’t log in to my account anymore

I really feel bad for you