Wrongful suspension on gameflip :(

Hey, so today I have found out that my Gameflip account has been banned for “Involvement in other suspicious or fradulent activity” and I think that this accuse does not apply to me. it is that I bought an $10 amazon giftcard from the famous seller (Steam Pumpkin), I redeemed the code and everything was good until I went to order something with the balance I have gotten from the giftcard for amazon to hold my account for suspicious giftcard activity so I contacted the seller and opened a dispute thinking that the $10 gift code is bought illegally hence why my amazon account got suspended. I told the seller and he replies with that all the codes they sell is valid before sending and I tried sending messages for him to help me but he did not reply to me so I went ahead and escalated the dispute to Gameflip. 2-3 days pass I look at my email and I see that gameflip auto-completed the transaction. tried logging in then my account gets suspended. Please unsuspended my account I had $25 on it and if u need anymore information just let me know I will always provide them. Thank you :). Ticket is 726825, profile code is L8EW3X. please moderators!

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I have a question, did you provide information and evidence/proof that your Amazon account got suspended due to the giftcard on your dispute and ticket to support?

You will have to wait for Support or @DarkKnight/Staff to reply you on this.

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Hey, Thank you for reading my topic and I want to thank you for reminding me to attach proof of my amazon account being on hold due to of the giftcards. I’m going to add them to the ticket right now.
Hopefully @DarkKnight replies I heard he can solve these type of problems.

Hello @Yesuf!

I have verified your account and in this case, you will need to open a ticket to the Support Team using the following link with further evidence for verification ok.


Since they were already verifying your case before, they should be able to take a look once more and see if your request to remove the suspension is valid.

God Speed! :trident: