Account suspended for no reason after case closed

So, more than a week ago, i bought a 100$ gift card from MARTIN CRUZ, i have bought many giftcard from that user, but when i used this one and rated him, amazon took the money from my account because the owner of the gift card claimed that someone else used his card, they told me that if he doesnt give me another code he will be suspended, i waited the time they told me and nothng happend, thats why i had to call paypal, today the case was closed and i got a full refund. But instead of suspending this person they suspended me for no reason. I have many purchases and all with positive feedback, and only because i opend a case because i didnt receive what i payed for you suspended me instead of the seller.
I need my account back.

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You wont get your account back. You did refund money thru paypal and this is againts gameflip rules. You should wait for gameflip answer. Right now is easter weekend and gameflip doesnt work today, that why no one here did give you refund.

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i opened the case on feb 22