my account suspend today help admin.

hello,please help my account suspend today.
this notice from support

Hi intl_gift_shop,

We’ve suspended your account for the following reason:

Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity

You can review our Terms of Use (, and if you have questions, contact our help center at and include your profile/invite code: MQRBX8

-Team Gameflip

what you means suspicious activity ?
i’m never fraud or any scam activity.

You were suspended due to issues with the gift cards you were selling.
You received a warning about them on wednesday as well.

Yes i get notice all my listing deleted and i’m not relist but why you suspend because im not relist and sell that giftcard. Can you help me to unsuspend please ?

can you help me to unsuspend my account because i’m not relist the gift card.
you can check my account.
i’m promise i deleted all gift card in my account and please tell me what the brand i cant sell here.

@Tali you here ?

Unfortunately, since some codes sold by you were invalid we cannot remove your suspension.

i’m already replace code to my customer because him contact me on telegram,i can send screenshot to you if you think i’m lie

I’m sorry but you should not do these transactions outside gameflip, this is also a reason for suspension.

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