Account suspended? Support didn't help.

Hello, my account is suspended. I contacted support earlier and was pretty much told my gift card listings were violating Terms of Service, which I read through and can only see how PERHAPS one of them violated terms. I have no issue with discontinuing my sales of such items, I’m just not sure why my account with ~$300 was suspended and I’m unable to withdraw my payments.

When I emailed earlier I was replied to with:
"Your “$101 OneVanilla Visa Gift Card”, “$10 Menchie’s Gift Card” and “$2 Starbucks Virtual Gift Card” listings have been removed.

This kind of Gift Cards are prohibited on Gameflip. Please do not relist. Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension."
Totally understandable, I won’t relist them if they’re prohibited, however all of them aside from the Menchie’s one follow the new rule guidlines:

The OneVanilla card could be used online as well as the Starbucks one and I believe I included all information regarding redeeming them in the auto delivery digital vault… My email on file is, I’d appreciate any help w/ this. Really scratching my head.

My account is no longer suspended, however I’m a little hazy on the gift card guidelines now. If the card can be used online am I allowed to list it so long as I provide instructions for the buyer on how to use it?

Hi @bestguy83 thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry if there was any confusion here.

Yes. You can sell your gift cards on Gameflip as long as it can be redeemed online and if your listing follows the items from this guide:

Okay, thank you. I suppose this can be closed then. Hopefully no problems arise else I may be back here another time LOL. Thanks so much.