Account suspended for no reason, and gameflip biased

My account got suspended for no reason, I got the email from the gameflip side that I sold a bestbuy card 3 month before which was reported as lost or stolen, I bought those codes from amazon and I am the owner of those gift card, and I can also provide receipts of those cards.Buyer takes 3 days to use the code and verify the code, after 3 month I am getting email that I sold code which reported lost, How is it possible?
I also don’t have the code which I sent to the buyer that is why I am not able provide the invoice, and only because of that my account got suspended, I never ever did anything wrong, even i got ripped 2 times, but still I was selling on gameflip but this time its too much.I am paying 8% fees still they suspend my account.It is very hard to prove your side because now days no company tell when the cards gets redeemed and who redeemed the card, then how can a seller that he sent the correct item?

sometimes I think I also start rippling people by giving excuses that card is already used.

If any legit seller sell on gameflip for 7-8% margin after fee deduction and single buyer ripped the seller for 1 transaction of 100$ then it means he lost the commission of 7-8 sales.

Gameflip gets their fees that is why it’s not big deal for them if seller gets ripped

please look if anyone can help me here
my code is Code: PTWUSW

Hello, can you send me via PM your receipts and any other evidence regarding this card so I can check this out?