AMZ Account Suspended for Invalid Cards, is there recourse?

My amazon account got suspended after recently purchasing two large $500 cards.

I want to see if I can get receipts from the seller so I can get unsuspended first, but what if they don’t respond? Is there any recourse on GameFlip for this? I can’t get into my account so I can’t get a screenshot of my gift card balance. All I have is the email sent to me.

Hello, for such cases, I suggest you contact gameflip Support by filing a ticket here.

While writing the ticket, remember to put all proof including all screenshots as well as a detailed description of what happened. Gameflip support is really fair and nice so as long it’s true and you can provide ALL the proof they need, I am sure it will be no problem.

I am just a normal Seller so I cannot help you with it. However, I can only advise that the seller that sold 5 large $500 cards might be scammers or those cards might have been tagged as ‘stolen’ depending on what email was sent to you because your account got suspended. If the seller is guilty, I doubt he/she will give you receipt or anything related.

Send a ticket to gameflip support and I am sure they will help you with it. Goodluck!

Yeah, I’m concerned about that. The seller is “All gift card us” -

They do have a support thread, which gives me hope. Even my seller account is suspended unless I get that receipt.

By some miracle, one of my chrome tabs showed my GC balance before my account got suspended, which will help a lot if I have to resort to using it.

From his comments, people tried multiple codes before getting one that worked. Basically can tell from that that he is EITHER selling illegal stolen codes OR trying to scam OR just IDK any other good reason. Why would he need to give several different codes that was already redeemed before giving one that could work?(BASED ON HIS COMMENTS GIVEN BY OTHER BUYERS)

Also another SUSPICIOUS thing, he only sells $500 giftcards for $410 each. Why not $100,$50 giftcards?

I cannot help you with it because I am just a Normal Seller sharing my experience. File a ticket with all Proof, yes that chrome tab screenshot too.

Also sometimes, it could take a week or so before amazon account gets suspended etc if the code was illegal. By that time, the buyer would have rated already and therefore cannot remove it even if his amazon account get suspended.

So Tip is to rate only after other person rate(for normal items) and do not rate if your buying giftcards because you never know if the giftcard you buy is Legit or not. If your account gets ban/suspended after a month, at least u can still report and file a ticket to support AS WELL AS put a bad rating to prevent them to scamming other users. (From My Experience of buying a stolen card before)

This exact thing happened to me by the same exact seller. My account was closed last night, the seller said I need to contact him here on the forums. The seller is trying to send me another code but I do not have an amazon account to redeem it because it was closed.

Guys. no offense, but what are you thinking when you buying 500$ amazon gift card for 410$? Tell me?

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I’ve done it a couple of times in the past with no problems.

The guy is responding but he keeps offering new codes. I’m afraid I’m out of luck.


I have now filed a dispute with this seller, with as many details as I can provide.

Dispute ID #554366

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hello @Kaetif,

I can see that your issue is already being handled by the Support Team.

They are trying to contact the seller regarding your issue.

Once they have an update, you will be contacted for a follow up of the issue.

God Speed! :trident:

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I have bought several with no problems. Why blame the purchaser?

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I still have not received a reply from Amazon regarding my account.

Can you please send me the update, I see that the codes have already been enabled,

No response from Amazon

Advice for you, never use $ 500 gift card, 99% of sellers are scams

Yeah I know that now. In retrospect I’m surprised I got away with using them for 4 months without any consequences until now.

Why only 500 is scammer?

because its a very large amount, it doesn’t makes sense how someone can buy $500 gift cards and sell them for $400…

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