Amazon suspended my account and lost my money

Hii Guys!
Please i’ve received an email from amazon says that they’re suspended my account and want to verify my card and hold almost $300 i bought yesterday from a seller on gameflip with discount the seller has informed that gift cards are legitimate and bought from cash so he refused to refund me
i’ve fill the form and they tell me that they will be back within 24 hours, is there any hope i can reinstated my account ! what can i do please ! i really need someone can help regarding this ! that im protected from gameflip because i lost all my money !

This is the email that i received from amazon !!

This same thing happened to me after buying a $100 amazon gift card from Digicard.


Did you bought it from gameflip !

Yes I bought it yesterday From Digicard on Gameflip and Amazon sent me the notice that my account was locked today. I had to fill out my billing statement and a form online. I have to wait 48 hours for a decision.

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Did you submit a ticket regarding this !

I submitted a ticket today. I received a reply to wait 1 to 2 business days. It’s about the same time that I am waiting to hear back from Amazon. Your account wasn’t locked because of this?

Works this account almost 1 years with no issue untill i used $300 from a seller

You know I bought a $500 Amazon gift card last year with no problem. So did Amazon restore your account? Did you have to create a new account?

Not yet and i don’t think that amazon will reinstate the account as they’re rarely can do as they always taken decision before even suspended your account for some unusual activity
I’m not trying to be pessimist but that the way it is well now our hope related to what gameflip will decide

I just heard that Amazon has been treating their workers horribly. I think this is the reason I need to no longer shop there. I will go back to shopping at Walmart. I am supposed to get an Amazon gift as a reward for a focus group in two weeks. That will probably be my last purchase.

Gameflip finally refunded me and my Amazon account is still closed.

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Guyz i know this cards where comes ))
i have restored my amazon account many times