Is it safe to buy Amazon gift cards?

I’ve seen a few threads on here where people have said their cards either didn’t work or got their accounts banned. But on most seller’s pages they have little to no negative reviews with thousands of sells. So is buying amazon cards generally safe or risky?

Personally I wouldn’t trust them (at least most of them) they’ll work for the first few days perfectly fine and due to how Gameflip works you’re basically prompted to give the seller a positive feedback (since the window where you could leave any sort of feedback is limited to the first 3 days of purchase, and if nothing bad happens in the first 3 days then can you really give the seller a bad feedback?)

It seems like most of the problems come after the first 3 days, and since by that time you already gave the user positive feedback you can’t exactly just go back there and replace your positive feedback with a negative one. Sellers know this, that’s why alot of them basically stress the fact for you to immediately give them a positive feedback after purchase (or even in some cases verbally attack you and threatened with a block if you don’t)

That makes a lot of sense and is a bad design practice. Thanks for the insight

from what i did see gameflip need to change the timer for amazon card to 7 days or 10 days for customers

Well your Right and Some may disagree What if we Really Need the Extra Money If you see where I’m coming from as a Personal Amazon Seller we already wait i think it is about 3ish days before we get paid Its just Gameflip Is so Lazy And the Mods never Do anything in my Personal Opinion

Amazon Gift cards works only personal use not for business , dropshippers
and only works for USA based buyers
if you are not Live in USA dont risk