Who are trusted sellers selling Amazon cards

I am a new user in gameflip and I want to buy an Amazon gift card. Do you have verified sellers because I am worried that my account will be suspended by Amazon and Have you been trying to buy products from Amazon with these cards?


All Giftcards Sellers on Gameflip are verified because you have to be Verified in order to sell Giftcards.

The advise I can give is that you Must buy from listings that have ‘Auto Delivery’ and record from buying the listing to using the code and buying products if your buying the product right away. Recording is to protect you incase the code didn’t work or something happens.

However, there are cases that it will be revoked after a few days so you should also record and take pictures if it ever gets revoked and send proof along with the recording that you record when buying so that you will get a refund from Gameflip.

My Opinion - Use a new Amazon account for buying if your going to be using the Giftcards to buy.

Is there a difference if I am inside or outside US because some sellers are required to be inside US?

If you meant giftcards, usually they will write the country it will work at. Usually US yes. You don’t have to live inside US to use it. You can just change country to US to redeem the code from card.

If you meant buying items from Amazon after redeeming code (after u changed country to US on your amazon account) if your not in US, I am not sure about it and you will need to ask Amazon Support instead of Gameflip.

oK , Thanks bro for this information

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If he’s international and using a US amazon account to claim gift cards then place international shipping orders or if he buys any other kind of gift card *especiall digital on Amazon using Amazon gift cards balance they will eventually ban his Amazon account.

@M.YAHYA what country are you in?