I need gift card buyers

I need someone I can trust and do business with, I sell, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play cards only, I can sell up to 50 cards daily but I need a fast buyer and instant user, use the card and rate me and I’ll upload more, Write me if you’re interested.


im trust buyer if you can sell every day more than 2000$ itunes giftcard usa pm to me in telegram @psnps1
but i buy with 30% discount

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I’m still searching for buyer. All transactions will be done here on Gameflip.

U mean gameflip, right?

Lol yes I mean Gameflip. Thanks.

Willing to give 15%, on gift cards, just tell me what you need

@VerifiedSeller i need itunes, i am your customer before also

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I sent you a dm.

I still haven’t heard from you.

Yes guys, still ins search of buyers please.
Let me know what you want and how often you want it. All cards are physical cards with receipts, I don’t sell ecods. Thanks

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I can give 15% off, not 30 sir.

Do you have the picture of the back of the cards? some clients of mine ask me for that

Yes it’s a physical card. I do have them.

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How can i ask you for the cards, here, whatsapp, in the sales comments?

Messagee on what you need, I’ll upload them when you need them, we both have to be online to make that work, I’ll upload them for you and you buy them, but like I said, we both have to be online to make that work…

Yeah but where, here on the forums? do you have online time? im on gmt -3

Message me on forum, send me a private message or here it dosnt matter, as long as it within Gameflip, just tell me what card you need and how much in total and I’ll start uploading and you buy them instantly as I upload, you should turn on notification on my page so you know when I upload, as long as you and I are online then it works out perfectly. I’m on UTC/GMT +3

I need NewEgg Canada and Amazon Canada cards. if you can supply these let me know

I’ll try to get them for you on Monday, I usually sell only usa cards but it’s not bad to try, I’ll update you, I need to find a way to get as low, need to know if I’ll make gains or not, I’ll update you.


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