New Buyer Questions

Hi Everyone, I just signed up for gameflip however im still a little sketchy on the whole buying amazon giftcards for a discounted price not knowing where they came from. Can anyone offer some advice on how safe it is? Is it possible for the balance to be revoked? If it is revoked is it possible to get your money back?

Hello bro, Gameflip is totally safe so don’t worry go ahead and buy from Verified buyers only and don’t accept the order before you make sure your code is working then complete the order and rate the buyer that’s all!

I’d recommend strictly purchasing them prior to needing to use them. Some individuals have had it where amazon has put a hold on a code, I’ve purchased $1200 in amazon cards, but each time I used them immediately, no issues so far.

In that scenario what happens if the balance is revoked after I complete the order and rate the buyer? Will gameflip still honor their guarantee?

I use them mainly to buy amazon coins which can still be revoked even if i use off the balance, so you havn’t come across any issues of the balance being revoked?

I haven’t had any that got revoked, I know a few people who have posted about it, some of the sellers will comment on here to try to get it worked out, but as long as you can prove the money came from that gift card code, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get your money back / the money owed. Amazon wont help you in dealing with it.

Yeah if your code doesnt work you should talk to the support then.

any recommendations on trustworthy sellers for amazon gift cards? I was taking a look at mainly Green Key store and Panda Company, any experience with them?

I haven’t used panda, but have used green key store, went good. Other than that I used Super Deals GC, but last order took almost the full day to receive, and they haven’t rated my last purchase from them. So just need to know when you will need your GC and the chance that it could take a bit for your purchase also depending on review on the order and what not.

Thanks sorry for the tons of questions lol, i was taking a look at the buying process and it seems I have to add funds to my wallet first before being able to purchase? I cant just purchase the item directly with my credit card? is that right

Depends on the purchase price. If its I believe $75 or lower, I was able to immediately use my paypal for it. When I went to go buy the $375 ones I purchased, I had to add at least $300 in funds, wait for that process to go through, and then buy it.

Thanks for the help!

is there a way to message the seller prior to buying to ask some questions?

When I buy 300$ item I need to add to wallet and when I buy the item it will charge me a processing fee again? That’s 2 times processing fee then?

Hello bro, No, only one time when you buy your card.

I add money to wallet but when I buy the gift card there’s also a processing fee so I have to pay those twice ?if I buy a over 100$ item?

No, only one time on gameflip don’t worry!

Did the money you added to your wallet clear? If it hasn’t cleared and is processing or under review, the money isn’t there, so therefore you will have to pay the processing fee on a new purchase.

Once the money is officially added to your wallet, there is no fee unless additional money is required.