Waiting for acceptance :/

Is there anyway to reduce the waiting acceptance from 3 days to 1 day, 3 days is quite a long time, plus you’ll have to wait 7 days as a new seller to receive the money…
if they reduce it to one day, it’ll be good, and it will bring alot of new sellers into gameflip.
also, i’ve seen some buyers redeem the goods, and don’t complete the transaction on purpose…

Welcome to GameFlip Raven this is sadly how Gameflip works and what you have to deal with. We have all went thru this. Can’t really say much about the selling aspect as I refuse to sell on here because it is a pain. But I buy quite often and best advice I can give is if anyone buys from you n they don’t rate right after they redeem the product then just block them from buying in the future. I’d always message them first and ask politely to rate because they may be new to GameFlip as well n not know. If it’s someone that has ratings then ya they know and are being jerks/should be blocked but thats just me. I’d always put in your listing or profile bio that you require a completion/rating of your listing in a certain time period. If they can’t follow them guidelines then its bye felicia.

but, if they reduce it to 1 day, i think it’s better for both parties not gonna lie, 3 days is a long time.

Yeah i get what you’re saying and agree but I highly doubt they would do it. This has been brought up many times before so I think they are pretty set on their ways

Unfortunately, Gameflip have been making some negative changes at the moment, so I’d doubt that they would make this change, among all they have made.