3 Day Time Limit Not Working

Is it just me or those newb gameflip buyers are attempting to scam me by not finalizing the transaction for few days? Not that I’m worried about it since there’s the three days limit, but I don’t like waiting without a good reason… It just somehow pisses me off.

Let’s assume they’re newbie for now and give them the benefits of the doubt.

I have this listing that had been sold, Newbs are attempting to scam me by trying to see what will happen if they don’t finalize the payment, there’s this 3 day Buyer must rate by, FOR some freaking reason it doesn’t work for me, The time keeps going negative or backwards, Please help. I once resolved this issue by talking to the buyer itself to rate me after he tried out my product. But this time I TRIED contacting the buyer and it has been already 2 days and he’s not even answering me, Please help! This is the account of the person: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:1b2ee67c-a4ad-4cd0-a77c-7d0372fd23a0

I contacted support, how long do I have to wait for them to reply?

Hey! Have you heard any thing from our support team?

If you haven’t, please, send me the request number so I can check it for you.


Yeah, they are way faster to support someone than posting it in forums here xD, thanks it’s already solved. I’ll just contact support whenever something happens, at least they’ve gained my trust, knowing that the support replies aren’t bots like the ones I’ve seen in different websites.