Sold an item. Buyer won’t rate or respond.

So I sold an item not too long ago and my buyer refuses to respond or confirm the trade

You have to wait 3 days my suggestion sit back relax smoke a joint and take your days 2 hours at a time it’ll eventually come

Keep trying get a hold of them.
Was it a gift card or a item you have to trade them?

Note that the Buyer has 3 days after the delivery date to decide on the acceptance of your item.

If the Buyer does not complete the transaction after the 3 days, the transaction will be deemed to be complete and final. The system will submit an automatic “Good” rating for you after you revisit your listing following the 3 days. To revisit the listing, just tap on the listing and the Automatic Buyer Rating will go through. Then you can submit a rating for the Buyer.

Note: the 3 days auto-completion is fixed on Gameflip’s system. Our support team cannot reduce it.

Lucy :heart: