Someone bought my item, and they accepted the trade offer but they won't rate me so i can get my money. What should I do/What can you do to speed up the process. (He's been active after the sale also)

So, if you haven’t yet, send those pictures to the support team to make sure they have all the information set up. Explain what’s going on and update as much as you can. That would be my suggestion to get this ball rolling ya know?

Link to support team?

Right here :slight_smile:

Thanks bro :ok_hand:

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No worries, hope it helps!

The Buyer has up to 3 days to inspect and rate your item to finalize the transaction. If the Buyer does not rate you after the 3 days, the transaction will be deemed complete and automatically finalize the transaction. After this happens, you’ll need to go back to this listing and you’ll be prompted to rate the Buyer. Once you do this, the money will be released to you.