Cant get my money?

si i sold some fifa coins to a guy and i looked and he had no feedback score but i still obviously gave hime the coins assuming once i gave them hime he would rate like a normal transaction but he didnt so i askd him if he could please rate it and he said how so im assuming he still doesnt know and the listing says i have like 2 days and 15 hours or something around there for him to rate what should i do?

You can tell them how to rate.

Note that the Buyer has 3 days after the delivery date to decide on the acceptance of your item.

If the Buyer does not complete the transaction after the 3 days, the transaction will be deemed to be complete and final. The system will submit an automatic “Good” rating for you after you revisit your listing following the 3 days. To revisit the listing, just tap on the listing and the Automatic Buyer Rating will go through. Then you can submit a rating for the Buyer.

Note: the 3 days auto-completion is fixed on Gameflip’s system. Our support team cannot reduce it.

Show them this LINK

Go back to Gameflip
Click on “Complete Transaction” to confirm you’ve received the item, and it works as described

Lucy :heart:

ok so i check the thing that ive gave to the right buyer , so i can just leave it no and after 3 days i get the money and transaction will

Message the buyer and explain how to rate you. Maybe you can walk them through it.

If they can’t figure it out the transaction will automatically rate after 3 days and that’s when you’ll get paid.

It would definitely be better for you both if you could explain to the new Gameflip user how to properly rate.

you must mark that the item was sent to yes received in a maximum of 3 days. if it does not mark as sent the operation will be canceled and you will not receive your money