I delivered but he won't rate

I sold in-Game items (Rocket league keys) yesterday and it has been almost 24 hours since i delivered the keys but the buyer wouldn’t rate. I’m not sure what i should do in this situation or what will happen after the rating timer runs out.

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Don’t worry . Once the timer finishes it will be Gameflip auto rated. (Which means the sale has completed and you will recieve your money )

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Note that the Buyer has 3 days after the delivery date to decide on the acceptance of your item.

If the Buyer does not rate you after the 3 days, the transaction will be deemed to be complete and final. The system will submit an automatic “Good” rating for you after you revisit your listing following the 3 days. To revisit the listing, just tap on the listing and the Automatic Buyer Rating will go through. Then you can submit a rating for the Buyer. @Fasl_al-shamari

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I’ve had thousands of customers on Gameflip and some people either just don’t care after they receive the item or the simply don’t know that they have to rate you to complete the transaction in order for you to get paid. If you haven’t already done so, send them a nice reminder:

“Hey, thank you so much for your purchase! I hope you are enjoying your new item. When you get a chance, can you please rate me? Gameflip requires both buyer and seller to rate each other to complete the transaction.”

Also in the future, before you deliver (while you still have their attention) an item and you see that it is the customer’s first time or first few times buying on Gameflip, remind them to remember to rate you after you deliver what they purchased and had a chance to make sure everything is as described and in perfect working order.

I can’t promise you will be rated when you ask nicely or when you remind them before hand, but I can tell you it has greatly increased the number of ratings I get after completing a transaction and not have to wait for the 3 day countdown timer to get paid.


Thanks for the help!

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Good To hear