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I sold a hexed for $ 9.15, I delivered the item and the buyer did not give me the money. It’s been over 3 days and I have not received … what should I do? I have evidence that I gave the item to him
My code: 2MDPVM

How did you know that the person bought your item, did you get a sold message on your Notifications page and did the listing appear as sold on your Listings page? The buyer has to pay on the website first, not after the seller had sent the item.

If a person simply told you that they bought your item and you believed it and you send them the item, then Gameflip can’t refund you because the fake “buyer” never paid anything. Please read the seller’s guide to avoid these kinds of situations.

I sold a hexed to him, he bought it in gameflip and I clicked on the option that says I already delivered the item … but it has been over 3 days and the buyer did not evaluate me and so I did not receive the payment… you got it?

as the picture shows, I sold a hexed but I did not receive the money … and the term of 3 days for the buyer to evaluate me is over

I delivered the item to the buyer, and he has not evaluated me yet, the period of 3 days for him to evaluate me is over … and nothing happened… What should I do?


According to the Gameflip Help, the system will auto-rate for you if the buyer doesn’t after 3 days. I see in the screenshot that the order was completed on April 3, and today in my timezone it’s April 6, but the time in between may not be exactly 72 hours (or the system may take a little longer than 3 days exactly). If you wait until the 4th or 5th day and you still haven’t received the auto-rating and payment, you could try creating a support ticket.

It’s Friday so please be patient as support will be slow on the weekends. Since you already posted your invite code here a mod will reply to you eventually.

Will this mod answer me here or through the gameflip? I already created a ticket


The mod will answer you in this forum. If you make a ticket it’ll be through email.

As I saw, your case was answered already, if you need any further help, please, let me know via PM.

Thank you.