Am I being scammed??

I sell someone x1000 nuts and bolts, I give him the nuts and bolts and I mark it as delivered but he refuses to rate me so I can receive money. He now is no longer responding to my messages. What do I do

If he doesn’t rate you will still get your money in 3 days with a automatic review. If he opens a dispute send proof that you really sent the item and you will get your money. Either way you’re fine. You will have it :slight_smile: Hope that can help

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Yes that helps, but what if I don’t have proof I gave it, but I know that I gave it, also there was another guy that bought from me and when I gave him the weapon he asked me for another one so he could buy it baught he took it and left the game, also took mats from me, does Gameflip have anything to do with it or is this separate from gameflip

Always record your delivery. That’s what I do. Did he open a dispute? If not you will not need proof you will get a automatic review in 3 days. For the other guy I’m not sure to understand but when you are in game with a buyer and the buyer say that he wants to buy something else wait for the buyer to buy it. Also wait for the processing to be done because when it’s not done processing the payment the buyer can still cancel. That way you are protected.

Ok well In a nutshell, the other guy scammed me a lot of stuff. Thank you for help