Fallout 76: Buyer is trying to scam me, Please Help

I made a listing, it was purchased by a buyer on gameflip.
I contacted the buyer on xbox and i sent a invite so he can join me, after that i transferred the item to a suitcase for him to take, I then marked the item as delivered on Gameflip and sent him a message on xbox saying thanks for the sale and he must not forget to compete the transaction on Gameflip, he then replied “i love it thanks”
I also asked him to wait before leaving so i can drop him some items for free because i dont play as much anymore ( i love to help others where i can)… Then his attitude completely changed and asked me to join him because he just left the session we were in… i then told him i want to drop him some items as i told him for free he then asked me to join another session and claim i never gave him anything. I told him I will not cancel the order as he just took off with the item he just received, he then said he received absolutely nothing from me… I have the entire trade recorded where i transferred the item to a suitcase and then where he takes it and do a hart emote to say thanks, (I always record all my trades and have proof of the conversation) this is the 1st time a buyer is actually trying to scam me by saying he did not receive anything from me but i have all the proof.

Did buyer open dispute? You can show the buyer the proof. If buyer opened dispute, you can provide proof on the side with Gameflip as well as to the buyer.

If you already provided proof on the order, then you can provide the order ID here so that Gameflip Mods could check when they are free/online. I am not one. @MajorTom @DarkKnight

You can also create a ticket to support and provide the ticket ID here.

Yes the buyer opened the dispute, i gave all the proof already but still no results the buyer cant get away with this, here is the
order id: 2dd18b9b-645f-4818-bff1-46347c8e01f8

You can also see in the chat between me and the buyer after i delivered the item he said “thank you i love it” and then later on he said he received absolutely nothing

@MajorTom @DarkKnight
The buyer did not complete the transaction because he say he did not receive the item but i gave it to him as you will see in the proof i have provided on the dispute on gameflip and i also made a ticket where i also provided all the proof that the buyer did receive the item. He is trying to scam me for the item i have sold please help me

Hello @VaniX,

Our Support Team is currently investigating this case and there should be a response soon.

Keep in mind that proof is requested from both sides (seller/buyer) to further understand what happened. So this process takes a bit of time and should be resolved asap.

As soon as there is further information, the Support Team will send you an update.

God Speed! :trident:

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Hello @VaniX,

Seems like the location in which the item was delivered was on a custom world called Butchers Delight. Do you confirm this?

Also, are you aware that custom world items are not allowed to be used in the regular game mode?

God Speed! :trident:

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Hey @DarkKnight I have sent you a pm