Bought a item but person is delivering

Umm I need help ive bought in a item and the person was trying to scam me and told me that if I would rate first he’d give me the item but when I said no he didn’t answer me and now my purchase is on hold

Just leave it on hold, don’t close the dispute until the buyer delivers the correct and usable item. Support will help you in a few days. Also report him as there’s been an increasing number of scammers on the site lately

I don’t have the time to wait a few more days like dang they need to get more admins and mods

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It used to be faster and there used to be more sellers. Perhaps there’s fewer sellers now and admins are laid off :joy:

Do you know any admins I can dm


Can I suggest that you post up your Invite Code and the Transaction ID for the purchases that you are referring to in this thread.

This will assist the Moderators in finding your account and the transaction that you are referring to.

I would suggest either attaching a file/screen shot or using snipping tool to produce an image of any correspondence/evidence to support your claim/issue.

For those of us who like to actively Block scammers could you possibly post up a hyperlink for their Gameflip profile.

The Moderators are:

Good Luck :+1:


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