Seller will not deliver.

I bought two things off someone and they automatically marked it as shipped and respond like once every two days, but never contact me in-game. They won’t contact me in-game. They pretend to try and deliver in messages on GameFlip, but never even actually try to do so. It has been over a week. He hasn’t replied in about two, or three days. I opened a dispute on both purchases and nothing has been done yet.

What should I do?


Sounds like a scammer.

Can I suggest that you post up your Invite Code and the Transaction ID for the purchases that you are referring to in this thread to help the Moderators find you/the listing.

Do not close the dispute, no matter what they say (unless they deliver ;)). Let Gameflip Support sort it out first.

I would suggest either attaching a file/screen shot or using snipping tool to produce an image of any correspondence/evidence to support your claim/issue.

For those of us who like to actively Block scammers could you possibly post up a hyperlink for their Gameflip profile.

It might also do you no harm to contact one of the Moderators by PM
1 DunnBiscuit
2 op_JOkEr

They do not work during the weekends so it’d be Monday before you likely hear anything back.

Good Luck. Hope you get sorted. :+1:


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Thank you for the reply.

I have looked into it:
My profile ID is as such - DDU55J

The transactions are of two:
Order ID
Order ID

Link to his profile is:

Thank you for your time.

It has been over 11 days, no solution yet…

Keep the disputes open. It can be frustrated to wait, but your case seems straight forward. Good luck.

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