Seller will not contact ?

I bought this product from the this seller on yesterday but never contact me in-game or this sites.

I cant opened a dispute ?

profile id 7RT8HN
order id 54771cea-6093-4512-837e-52bbf4ec812e

Scenario A:
You buy the item -> Seller marks item as delivered but doesn’t deliver anything -> You open a dispute and wait until Gameflip resolves it. If you close the dispute then it will finalize the purchase and you will not get a refund.

Scenario B:
You buy the item -> Seller doesn’t do anything -> You wait until the “Seller sends in X days” is past and cancel the order.

You can’t open a dispute because the seller hasn’t marked it as delivered yet. So if they still haven’t marked it as delivered, and after the promised delivery days, you can click the Cancel button that will appear on the bottom right of that page.