please help me quickly i bought an ingame item for rocket league and the seller said that he doesnt have anymore than he confirmed that he delivered it and i didnt get anything what should i do now?

should i make a dispute now? i have all the prooves from the chat or should i wait for that counter? i didnt rate him yet so he dont get any money

Scenario A:
You buy the item -> Seller marks item as delivered but doesn’t deliver anything -> You open a dispute and wait until Gameflip resolves it. If you close the dispute then it will finalize the purchase and you will not get a refund.

Scenario B:
You buy the item -> Seller doesn’t do anything -> You wait until the “Deliver in X days” is past and cancel the order.

do u mean “rate by X days” ?

i cant do scenario B since he already confirmed the order so i think i should i do scenario 1 right?

You need to open a dispute.

@DunnBiscuit i made a dispute. i didnt rate him my invite code is WFVHL8 thanks in advance!

You’ll be given the option to cancel the order if the seller does not mark the item as delivered after the promised time.

Since the seller already marked the item as delivered, even though nothing was delivered, you have to open a dispute and let support cancel the order for you. Please do not close the dispute until support resolves it, or the purchase will finalize with no refund.