can u help me get my money back

i bought something off of some kid and he is not responding or anything we where talking a couple minutes ago and once i bought it he started ignoting me heres my order number.


If he marked it as delivered open a dispute, if not wait 1-2 days and you can cancel

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how is going at the last? I have same problem. I paid the guy. he never reply me. I got a few days off. the order set to completed now

I’m sorry for you gamerking, you got 3 days to open a dispute

but the guy still have listing for sale. should he get banned by scaming people?

that’s him

When a seller mark the listing as “Delivered” but didn’t actually deliver anything, you should immediately open a dispute to stop the auto-rate (which would finalize the transaction).

On people’s profiles you can click on the “Report” button to report them for scamming. If you want to warn people about the scammer, give a link to their profile (which contains their unchangeable user ID), because in the screenshot, “Woodinho” could easily change their display name and avatar so we can’t recognize them.