Possibly being scammed. Items not delivered.

So I purchased 3 in-game items from the same seller. He was supposed to deliver the items within 1 day and has not done so. He has stopped all communication with me and I’m afraid that i might lose out on money considering he already marked the items as shipped. You can view the message history under this order 55da7078-7989-4985-88f9-a1c27ac9b6b5

To recap, I have 3 orders with the same seller. Nothing was delivered within 1 day and seller has not bothered to update me or contact me. I want all orders canceled please. Order ID’s below.
My invite code is GZ4Z3F

Order ID’s

You need to open a dispute within the 3 days and if the seller doesn’t have proof you will win it.

I have opened a dispute for all 3 orders. The order rate timer expires in 1 day which means GameFlip will auto rate the item for me and the seller will get his money without having to give me any items.

If you have opened a dispute, the timer is stopped.

The only way to stop the timer is if you check off “I have received and inspected the item” and then file a dispute. I have not received any item so it would be foolish of me to check that box. I filed a dispute under “contact us” on gameflip. The timer has NOT stopped on all 3 orders from the same seller.

You need to dispute on the listing itself. https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000885633-How-to-open-a-dispute-

Thank you very much.