I've got scammed

I’ve recently bought a chameleon skin in gameflip (Rocket league skin) ,the thing is that the seller instantly putted the item as shipped, after 2 days, i opened a claim because he didnt give me the item in more than 2 days, later on today he sent me an invite and told me to remove the dispute for him to send me the invite, but when i removed it he blocked me on steam and strangely in gameflip it says that ive comfirmed that i’ve received the item but I never did. So now rip 20 $.

Ending a dispute automatically marks the trade complete. You should only end a dispute or mark an item as received after you have the item in your possession and its as described. Your money will most likely not be refunded, but if you leave your invite code, order ID, and maybe the sellers URL he will be suspended.

70979d50-b910-43b5-97fc-639ff36fbc44, Order id
JCZMVR, Invite code
https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:25fe4569-22d5-4ee7-a898-f5c86e68b26f/myth-online- seller’s url.