What i should do

I bought some item (heatwave-rocket league steam),and seller didnt ship it to me but he set that he does, so he want to scam me for 16,5$ what i should do ? i send purchase dispute to gameflip (159068) and 3 days stop counting , what i should do now ? Only to wait or ?

Hey I personally checked your case and solved this issue.

Feel free to PM me if you need more help. Thanks!

thank you, but i got another same issue, good offer i bought and guy set that he delivered it but he did not deliver it i open case again (161558) ,he said me to wait 10 hour after 10 hours he didnt add me on steam and didnt deliver it to me and didnt replaying on my massages on gameflip
And i have one more issue (sorry) i requested payout but i think my paypal is not verified beyouse i didnt got 4 units from my bank to verified it, can i cancle that payout and got my money again on gameflip wallet?