Am I being scammed?

Hi im new to gameflip but I purchased a rocket league(steam) item about 4 days ago when the guy had posted the listing 30 minutes prior with (online) in his name. I messaged him with all my info saying im ready to trade and he responded saying he would be home in 10-12 hours, he then marked the item as shipped. From then I messaged with him back and forth for 3 days until finally opening a dispute to stop the auto rate timer. Now that we have finally be able to talk online with each other, he keeps insisting that I drop the dispute before we trade, however looking online I am not sure that I will be able to reopen the dispute if I do indeed close it. What should I do and also what kind of evidence will I be able to capture to protect myself from a possible scam going on.

Thank you

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Yes you’re being scammed and don’t drop the dispute. Get in contact with support and tell them of your situation. The seller’s lack of evidence should be enough evidence for your claim.

Whats funny is he sent me a video from a non gameflip source "How to dispute “gameflip” and in the video the timer is at 3 days as he disputes, he immediatly drops the dispute and it is at 2 days 23 hours meaning the timer had never stopped dropping. I’m glad I came to the forums to ask. Is there anyone on this board that could help me settle this?

Sure, you can private message DunnBiscuit and give him all the details including your side of the story and your Invite code.

The weekend is over so he should see it within the next 1-3 days

sorry ive never been on these forums, how would I go about sending a PM?

The forum’s antispam requires a new user to browse the forum for 15+ minutes in order to use the private message feature. After you have done so you’ll see a “Basic User” badge on your own profile, go to the moderator’s profile and click Message. If you don’t see the button then relog on the forum.

thank you so much Vanilla, you’ve been such good help :slight_smile:

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This exact same thing is happening to me right now. So frustrating for my first experience with the site. Thanks for this info though, hopefully they’ll handle the situation in a relatively quick manner.

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Guys, please, give us those scammers profile links. I’m glad you two checked this forum on time.

I don’t know what the policy for linking accused scammers profiles is, so I didn’t want to just start doing that. I’ve sent a PM to Dunn about the situation and I’m hoping they can just deal with it on their end. I will say that I probably should have taken this guys lack of feedback as a sign not to even attempt to buy something from him, but this was my first time using the site so I wasn’t really sure what I should be looking for. Thankfully I read enough about the process beforehand that I didn’t rate the transaction and knew what some of the red flags were.

The moderators can look at a user’s listings and comments and decide for themselves whether someone is a scammer, meaning they don’t just outright ban someone if you give the profile URL.

Feel free to post the profile URL as the moderators do look them up.

For sure, I just didn’t know what the policy was on posting profiles. Here is the dude’s profile that I am dealing with:

Still no response from him. Awaiting a response from support as well.