Scammer please help

So I found this really good deal it was 40000 credits for 160 dollars I managed to negotiate him down to 135 so I bought it. He messaged me saying he was new and asked if he could record and I said yes. He messaged me also saying he would give me free stuff because he was quitting and said he would give me the free stuff first. He gave me the free stuff that was not even worth a dollar and left and said he sent the 40000 credits.
Order id 4db783a1-6366-4034-a2fc-862e9f827ba5
My code MUDC6H


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Typical scammer lol. I wonder how he is going to fake the proof that he gave you the 40000 credits.

You could just open a dispute and escalate the dispute. Proof of the conversation is probably enough.

Never buy from new sellers who sells items > $100 if not Gameflip verified. That’s a very high chance of being a scammer. Their items are usually always weird as well. Weird as in very cheap which doesn’t make sense.

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Thanks! Also one last question. How long does it take after being put under dispute?

Hello @Fire_Gaming,

After a dispute is opened, the 3-day countdown for auto-complete is stopped and a new 5-day countdown will start so both you and the seller/buyer can try to reach a solution until either you decide to complete the transaction or escalate the dispute to be reviewed and decided by the Support Team.

When the dispute is escalated to the Support Team we will contact both, the buyer and the seller, asking for additional information such as evidence that the item didn’t work or wasn’t as advertised.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

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Okay. Thanks! Just sucks that I can’t get my money back until a few days

It would be best to just escalate the dispute because if the seller wants to scam, there is no way you can reach a peaceful solution with him/her. It will just waste time for you.


Yea I did that last night but today I tried to message them and no response. I just don’t wanna wait to get my money back but if I have to I will. Thanks for the help!

Edit: I tried messaging them on Xbox and they blocked me.

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I got to get another account to see his recent captures and it shows him giving a random person 40000 credits and another capture showing him only giving me a few blueprints and no credits

There are the 2 videos of the 2 trades the one where he is trading with “AwesomeIan24” is me and you can clearly see there’s no credits and I don’t know who the other person is

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Yeah, I have seen people like that before. One even tried to create an account that has a similar name to my IGN and traded himself for fake proof. But it doesn’t work that way. That’s why IGN must be given before buying. It’s probably just another one of his accounts.

The fact that he wanted to give you some free stuff and had to give to 2 different accounts the items when u only provided him with one IGN is weird enough. Also the pricing is very unreal which adds to suspicion. If that’s his first listing and sale, it would even be more suspicious.

Very normal from scammers. Will have to wait to get your money back sadly. Next time, just don’t buy from suspicious people.

Just provide the proof in the escalated dispute. You could also make a ticket to Support regarding this as well as report him for trying to scam in the ticket.

Just something funny to share btw VV

It just shows that there are all kinds of people and you should check their profiles first before buying to prevent getting into unneeded disputes and trouble as some people are toxic there as well.

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Okay thanks! Also where do I provide the proof

Hmm… I never had to deal with a dispute before since I just cancel the order if buyer is trolling. Not sure about that but shouldn’t there be a place in the dispute where you can send proof? Escalated dispute is the same as dispute, just that Gameflip will come in when you escalate it.

Reference that could help you maybe- How long does Gameflip solve a escalated dispute and is my evidence sufficient?

this is all it shows

Oh. Where did you submit the previous proof during dispute? I think it’s the messages between you and seller if there’s no other place.

Maybe you could submit a ticket to Support with details and proof as well and give the ticket ID in the dispute.

Ok I just made a ticket and ima post the 2 video links in the chat

One last question am I guaranteed my money back? Like is that proof enough.

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I can give you an example I had before but it wasn’t a dispute. It was a code that worked that later on became tagged as ‘Stolen’. I got my money back though even though it had been 3 months. I contacted Support about it and they will let you know that they need more proof if they require it like what they asked me.

Yes, you will get your money back once you win the dispute. But the only thing I am not sure is where you provide proof during the dispute. I’m pretty sure your proof is enough. You have proof of the conversation between you and seller too right?

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Yes I did like 20 min ago I put the 2 YouTube links there

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Of course lastly, you can message them directly about your dispute and proof as an extra step.

Message who @DarkKnight