Scammer seller needs to be band.

4 days later I haven’t received my money or the items I bought. This guys scam is once you buy the item, he marks it delivered and doesn’t respond to you at all for a few days. Then he responds “ I am so sorry and I’ll make it up to you by adding this. Go ahead and close the dispute and I’m going to send you an invite once I see the dispute is closed.” If you close the Dispute it will finalize the transaction and your out your money and without your items. The main problem is he is still doing it to other people all seller feedback no buyer feedback.

ExchangeID: 5ee52928-71b9-42fc-a74b-8642528df6b2, SellerUID: us-east-1:4c118892-5897-45a5-b07b-18598bf12502, UID: us-east-1:76c8660c-d204-4175-a4be-709e8442054b



Can I suggest that you post up your Invite Code and the Transaction ID for the purchases that you are referring to in this thread. This will assist the Moderators in finding your account and the transaction that you are referring to.

For those of us who like to actively Block scammers could you possibly post up a hyperlink for Bruh’s Gameflip profile.

It might also do you no harm to contact one of the Moderators by PM
1 DunnBiscuit
2 op_JOkEr

They do not work during the weekends so it’d be Monday before you likely hear anything back.

Good Luck. Hope you get sorted. :+1:


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I’d recommend following Brashens advice, instead of ignoring it and posting the same Screenshot again.

I didn’t mean to post the 2nd phone sorry. And they have took care of it about 30mins after posting.

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