Scammer attempting to get $15...

Email support takes so long to respond so I have to make a thread on here for quicker responses, I’ve sold nearly 200 items in the past 3 months (nearly $10k in sales) and had NO issues before except for 2 scammers where I got reimbursed my funds rightfully.

Proofs provided in the chat of the dispute, I’ve provided all information on there + email (spent so long having to deal with the user, I hope you guys ban him for his stupid attempt).

Order ID: eab5fe13-47b8-43e0-81b7-c6bc3cf26a60
KKR9BS is my invite code for reference.

Please don’t let me down here staff!

Moderators are off for the weekend, so it’ll be a few days.

After the user telling me I scammed him and him having no proof he dropped the dispute. Regardless, he left me negative feedback as I did to him and had no proof to back him up at all, could you please ban him for attempted scamming as my evidence supports the case that he’s a scammer and to stop other people from making losses he should be banned.

Hi, can you give us scammer’s profile link, so we can block him?

Feel free to look at the communication between us, could you perhaps remove his negative from my ratings because it’s a failed scam attempt that went wrong with the proof I had.

EDIT: Never mind you aren’t a staff member, but that’s the scammer - avoid all contact!

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Yeah, obvious scammer. Thanks.

Waiting on him to be banned for his petty attempt.