Please take care of the scammer.

We are still commenting. I am trying to save the guy from loosing 90$ item. But he made over 100 comments

I dont very want to protect the scammer but I treat everyone the same. Please be careful with your wording because that commet is a threat and gameflip wont take kindly to that.

I just want everyone to be happy on this site/app.

I still think Gameflip should make it so you can only post a few comments in a timeframe to each individual seller.

I hope Gameflip does something I already seen Sell Confirmation scam people out of $400 just today.

It takes Gameflip about a day to banned and deleted there comments but in that timeframe Sell Confirmation can scam a lot of people. Then Sell Confirmation just makes a new account the next day and does it again and so on.

Lucy :heart:

Katy got locked with 600 she just made 400 today…

That only what I seen today. I know there alot more most likely. Sell Confirmation seen to always be on commentimg on people post. I bet you people Sell Confirmation has hit some big $100+ big cards too. Who know how much they truely scammed just in the last 24 hours.

I can bet you this. They will get banned once a moderator get on but I can bet they will make a new account too, scam again.

I think if I Sell Confirmation comments Im just going to report them then stop. Sell Confirmation will spam the seller comment so much basically blocking out my warning the seller. Sell Confirmation not going to give up and nothing I can do other then reporting and letting gameflip banned them. Its starting to mess with my OCD because I keep looking at the app in a obessess way to see if sell Confirmation posted in someone comment and I should warn the seller its a scammer posting in there comments and to not send the code. I feel like Im losing the battle of trying to help people with warning them in comments about sell Confirmation post on items trying to scam the seller.

If new people to the app/site there first item they get scammed there a high % they wont used the app/site again and sites/app need new people to succeed.
If the new user keep getting scam or scared to use the site/app that not good.
(I still love gameflip but this 1 scammer getting out of control and people are losing a ton of $ and quitting the site/app and not recommend to there friends)
There sould be people watching out for this scammer who can banned them right away versus waiting into the next morning. Sell Confirmation can do alot of damage in a few hours.

Dont get me wrong ganeflip I :sparkling_heart: u.
I want nothing more then gameflip to grow and become bigger, for everyone to be happy.

Lucy :heart: