Scammer in site

Plis ban fast
(Sell confirmation )

I hope they do something version banning there account being they will keep making new ones.

Banning there account is not working out if they can simply make a new one with the same name.
They keep tricking people out of $100 to $1000 cards Screenshot_20190130-023111_Gameflip

Lucy :heart:

Here another:

Yup this scammer been going hardcore lately and they wouldn’t be going this hardcore if people was not being trick / manipulated by them and falling there comments.

So far I had a ton of new user thank me in comment when I told them Sell Confirmation is a scammer and dont send them the code.

I feel good helping out new user in comment with how selling / sold items work. I wish new user would read the rules / the thing in the comment saying
(I think there mind get cloudy because the scammer names is “Sell Confirmation” and they think there item sold.

Lucy :heart: