For the sake of god ban this guy permamently

He just almost scammed this woman… this is his 5th account so far. Someone do something.

@Tali please perma ban him…

Sadly @Tali wont be on for the next month.

Tali said
“Hey everyone, I’ll be absent from the forums for a month or more, while I help on other things around the company. So make sure you only tag Dunn or private message him since I mostly won’t be around.”

You may need to ask @DunnBiscuit

They already said all they will do is keep banned them ones they get reported. They wont banned the name sadly.

“I agree that would be a good measure.
Of course, these scammers would come up with new names then, and we would end up blocking way too many words.
I believe this suggestion was already passed to the team before, but let’s check with DunnBiscuit
Meanwhile, please report these as fast as you can to us, I’m always keeping an eye on forum, so we can at least suspend them before they do any damage.”

Just report it when you see it. It will help them banned him. :heart:

I just banned the account, thanks for reporting!

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