Scammer on line ban fast

Plis ban fast , comment for scam

@Tali @DunnBiscuit

Guys ?! Ban fast @Tali @DunnBiscuit

12 hr comments, today slow ban

Do you know the timings of where the staff of gameflip are based at?

Please be considerate next time.

You know that we are not online all the time.

We check these cases as fast as we can.

how can the same people create so many accounts to steal? because it’s always the same steam of that scammer! so it is only a person who can always pass through the anti-fraud system and presentation of documents of the gameflip. the guy always has accounts to be able to comment and deceive users! I’m sad about this as I said before, I have already seen many people being deceived here, and I have avoided many of them being stolen as well.

Are you sure it is the same steam account linked?
Its really easy to make multiple steam accounts that seem similar.
Anyhow always with the good comes the bad. Gameflip have been doing their part filtering but with vigilant users like yourself you can bring up their focused view and ban those accounts.
People can get deceived no matter any walk of life, it’s just being hyper aware of the offers and also to know if it’s too good to be true , it probably is .

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Regular users know the dangers and are quite used to how a scammer would interact , however it is the new and future users that would fall prey.

Este é o scammer principal do gameflip

ban fast mods, plis

Banned! Ty for the report

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