URGENT SCAMMER alert . Someone stop him URGENT

@DunnBiscuit ,

This guy is scamming .

I see a lot of email ID in the ratings which mean he is asking peeple to complete transaction and leave their email IDs for delivery .

Someone stop him before he does too much damage .

11 email IDs. So 11 already scammed.
And he has tons of listing at half the cost .
Stop him someone .

Man , I hope all these people get their money back .

If they complete the transactions(buyers) I’m afraid there will be no refunds at all… If they ban this scammer before he pull the money they might get back their money…

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Usually, if they were smart like previous scammers, they would buy codes like steam psn …etc with automatic delivery instead of cashing out.

I just bought from him, knowing gameflip has guarantee I just went for it. Then I saw he wanted me to rate first before getting the code. I Did the “hold the transaction & open issue”. But here’s my order # if any gameflip employees can help resolve this for me (c2db1718-38ea-4415-bfad-ba5d4dc7d8d2)

EDIT: Just got the refund, probably processed while I was typing this lol


Glad to know that! :grinning:

He scammed over 2000$ for 8 hours

And he will continue scamming … God knows how many of them will fall for this … Gameflip has to do something about this!!!

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He would make 10k till monday

They wont be making any more money.

Lucy :heart:

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