This guy is scamming

He knows its weekend so he posted over 100 listings with half discount on 100$ items and he is already scamming

Sure, haha

What. Is that you?

All his $100 gift cards are 50% off.
He’s a member since 2016 but everything he’s doing is suspicious. Maybe his account got hacked?

Also all of his positive ratings are from new accounts and they post their email addresses in the rating (weird? bots maybe?). I guess he’s creating hundreds of accounts and buying from himself to get to rate himself?

This rating too:

at first i was scared thinking that i might have been scammed but after sending messages to the vendor, who was extremely helpful and taught me how to process the order, i was able to get my card.

Ok maybe he’s asking those users to rate him positively first and also include their emails in the comment so he can sends them their order after? That’s the only reason I can think of because what im seeing is just weird.

Lul. no. i see him on GL

He made about 1600$ for 8 hours so far… he scams people

8 more people x 50 to 60$

He increased prices

He could get some balance available to use… he purchased from a vendor something… so He has money in his wallet… and continuing to scam… @DunnBiscuit check it out… And also you forgot to solve some tickets. including mine

I made posts saying he is scamming. That stopped his scam… hopefully i wont get banned

He would cash out through bitcoin or gift cards or game items

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yes… He is wise… in the bad way he waited for the weekend because moderators are offline

Yea. If i had made listings earlier i wouldve saved a lot of ppl

yes… What a pity… hopefully this end with solution

Nothing would happen till monday

omg he will do a lot of money… Sincerely the support is quite lazy… yesterday I checked that many people needed support . the moderator was online and in spite of being online he did not solve issues… I think there are not enough moderators… ( I guess it is very difficult to be a moderator)

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This mothersucker just started ddosing me and bricking my wifi

he Blocked me for commenting… I laughed a bit with his comment… xd


where are you now…