There is a scammer who is a verified user with the username "Transaction details" with a gameflip icon as profile pic and wallpaper and has +40 positive review

All his ratings are auto ratings done by gameflip bot thats why he has much +ve ratings.
He comments on new users listings trying to trick them that he is from gameflip support so they add him and give him the skin or whatever they selling.
He commented on my listing but then he removed it after knowing that im not a new user. I saw many ppl do that trick to new users on gameflip please ban them.

have you reprted him? Also links would be good

Yeah i reported him this is his profile link:

I report these ppl as soon as i see them but gameflip always send me an automated message they neved confirmed doing an action towards them

Edit: i have just checked his profile and it says this profile is not found i think they deleted it or he blocked me

I would assume deleted as it’s not found for me also.

So gameflip works in silence, good. it made me really happy knowing that there is still justice in this world. Imagine this guy losing all the money he made from all these skins sales lol.btw I got scammed once in about 30$ worth of stuff by someone like him when i first joined gameflip that’s why i hate these comment scammers.

Yeah, it’s good to see.

Unfortunately it’s a constant battle for them to find a sweet spot where people are free enough to trade effectively but safe from scammers.