Scammers on Gameflip

So i just tried to get a PGI Title Set Code and got to gameflip.

Everything was fine until i received the code. As u imagine: It was a wrong code.

He got scared and refunded my money directly as i threaten him with police.

If u look at the ratings on his profile, they’re all from the same ~10 Users.

His Profile:

Chat Messages: #1 - #2 - #3 -

Other Scammers (As u can see the Ratings are from the same ~10 users):

If someone from gameflip is reading this. You should care about ur Users a bit more.

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All the profiles you linked have been banned (that’s what “User not found or is no longer available!” means). Please keep reporting the scam sellers.

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Be carefull, Scammer !!