Red Alert: Beware of scammer.

I saw some postes ealier today and they are doing again with rate each others for high rating and going to scam everyone.
I got one today,tried to told me rate first then put email and he send later.
Please be cafeful everyone.

Also he blocked me

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@Tali @DunnBiscuit

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Can you give me your profile code so I can check your transaction with this seller?

Mine is CLN3YH
That person already canceled after i’m reporting.

He is already banned
@Bao_Vuong thanks for reporting. good job

So I’m sure everyone knows this already but it looks like there’s a team of sellers working together to raise their ratings and ensure trust from buyers. Then they rob us blind and there’s nothing we can do. I may not use Gameflip anymore because this is getting dangerous and everyone is suckered into giving their personal emails out to the public eye.

The scammer is being protected by gameflip very own system. I understand the no refund after rating most of the time but when scammer is using this very method to ensure they get their money is a failure. I might be out too after i spend my remaining credit.