Gameflip need better scam detection system

I was one of the many people who got scammed by that Norman person over the red dead redemption code. I am probably out of luck BUT there must be better system on detecting and preventing people from scamming massive amount of people. Yes, we made mistake but there should be fail safe on againist people who are potentially scamming tens if not hundreds of people. Right after tranaction was over he block the buyer so we can’t even warn others about his scam. By the time seller was removed, damage was already done. Hundreds of dollars lost over this. Given his massive listing he probably sold 50+ fake.

Always check the account date also comments.

While gameflip is not responsible for the scammer, the system that gameflip put in place made it hard to fight the scammer. The fact that seller can be allow to block the buyer is a huge problem. A hour or 2 after i made the purchase, i realize what happen so I try to write comment that he is a scammer. However, he blocked me so i cannot even warm about he is a scammer while he keep getting his fake sales. It wasn’t till almost another 12 hours have past till he for ban but by that hundred of dollar have been loss about it.

Just curious, how did you get scammed? Did you complete the transaction before getting the full/correct code?

Yeah, i foolishly trust his high rating.

Maybe new pop-up window when you click on “Complete Transaction” with big red letters “DO NOT RATE UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE THE ITEM” would help? Or something similar that is bigger and flashier than current warnings.

He said he made the mistake by trusting the high rating, not that he didn’t see the warning message. So more warning or confirmation won’t help as it’s clearly visible (already requires user to check to agree).

Yeah, you’re right in this case, it might not work on everyone. Maybe adding a line “you will loose your Gameflip Guarantee”. At least something to make people think twice.

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