1k+ rating scammer revelation

How it works:

  • Selling cheap lots of cheap items to get as many ratings as possible.
  • Lists high value items with big discount as a bait, he’s trustworthy now because he has more than 1k+ ratings
  • Offer better discount outside Gameflip, ask for money transfer first
  • On Gameflip, after purchasing the listing, you’ll be asked to wait for 3 days. Transaction ends, you lose money
  • Outside Gameflip, wait for clear payment in Paypal and withdraw the money. You can open dispute and Paypal has to pay you back from their pocket

This is the email he uses to contact you:

The last pic is the one was shared with me while waiting for the code while payment was sent. It applies to all high value listings.

New members beware!

Conclusion: You can buy cheap items from him but not high value ones


Thanks for highlighting this Seller.

I will be adding him/her to my Block List. It seems like there is alot of scamming surrounding Giftcards, at this time :frowning: